S&M2 – Perfection, But Without The Ticket Stub – Fixed!

I’ve collected ticket stubs for years, but in today’s digital age, paper stubs are few and far between, even more so for one-off shows and special performances, like September 8th in San Francisco.  I designed an alternative a few months back for my baseball travels and figured I’d take a stab at Metallica’s S&M2, which…

The Reality Of Middle America – The Metallica “Black Ticket” Tour Continues

The reality of Middle America has been loud and clear on my Metallica tour of America, and Birmingham, Alabama was just another example. I’d noticed the same thing through upstate New York and Pennsylvania last October. We are truly living in a period of haves and have nots. It’s a sad and eye opening reality driving into another town, like many I’ve seen this year, that is screaming for help.