Screw It. I’ll Make My Own Ticket!

Do you want to see what nightmares are made out of?  Just think, you spent… um, more money than you should (my wife might read this) on a World Series ticket (or two) and you get this shit.


Nightmares, right?  Now yes, I bought the souvenir ticket through the MLB At Bat app, but it’s a generic ticket and everyone has the same one.  Where’s my ticket?

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That’s the thing that’s always sucked about StubHub.  It’s not the astronomical and nonsensical fees, it’s not getting a physical ticket!  For a guy that visits parks all over the place, ticket stubs are a big deal, but as a parent it’s even worse. 

I still have my ticket stubs from games with my dad.  We didn’t go to a ton of games when I was a kid, but the ones we did go to were always a big deal.  My dad loves football, and sharing those experiences when I was younger went a long ways into shaping me into the kind of fan I am today.  When I look back at those stubs I smile, and I want my girls to do the same thing when they get older. 

But that’s the Catch 22.  Do I buy tickets through the team at a premium for a park like Safeco Field, that is lucky to draw 20,000 people a game, or do I buy tickets for pennies on the dollar through StubHub but have nothing to show for it?  When I travel solo, I buy my MLB tickets almost exclusively through StubHub.  I’ve generally had good luck just asking someone a seat or two over for their ticket, if they don’t keep it themselves, but this last year finding physical tickets is getting more and more rare.  So I decided to just make my own!


I wanted to put something together that was super easy to modify and personalize.  You can see it’s setup for 3 different versions; you can change the background color, swap out logos, and choose whether to use a picture or not.  I chose the 2.25×6” size so that it would fit ticket books like the ones I use from  Inserting your actual ticket is as easy as snapshotting the ticket in your StubHub or MLB At Bat app.  I used Powerpoint for the file too, so that more people could have access to it vs using Adobe.  I’m happy with how it turned out and wanted to share!  Here’s a link to it, use it however you want!


Ticket Template

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