S&M2 – Perfection, But Without The Ticket Stub – Fixed!

I’ve collected ticket stubs for years, but in today’s digital age, paper stubs are few and far between, even more so for one-off shows and special performances, like September 8th in San Francisco.  I designed an alternative a few months back for my baseball travels and figured I’d take a stab at Metallica’s S&M2, which I’ve linked at the bottom of the page.  It’s free to use, modify, and do whatever you want with, but if you happen to have an extra pick from the show, or a lead on a show poster, I wouldn’t say no, since I got aced out.  🙂


The show was absolute perfection.  I truly can’t say anything about the show that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll just end with “Thank you”.  A thank you to the band and their crew, and thank you to the San Francisco Symphony for a truly amazing night.

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