Welcome to Blocking The Plate!

Part of being a HUGE baseball fan is dedication.  I’ve been to over 70 ballparks, including all 30 Major League parks.  I’ve been to the All Star Game, I’ve been to a World Series, I’ve been to Spring Training, and the World Baseball Classic.  I’ve even played at Fenway Park.  Twice.  I love the game. 

Getting out to other parks is awesome because you see a different point of view in every ballpark.  The fans, the atmosphere, and the food.  It’s all so different on the road.  I love it!

Food is a big part of every ballpark experience.  Every city has its signature flavor or specialty.  I’ll talk a lot about that here, along with MLB insight, news, and reactions.  There are a ton of sites out there, so I’ll try to keep it fresh! 

This site is primarily baseball, but you will see Washington State University posts on here (Go Cougs!) along with some other stuff.  Other stuff?  Great, I know, but I’ll try to make that interesting too.

Another thing that makes this site different from a lot of other ones is that I’m a dad.  I have two awesome girls that love the game too.  There are few things cooler than seeing your 12 and 14yr olds take the field, high socks and all.  I’ll bring a perspective that’s different than the other sites.  I’ve seen a lot of parks and I’ve seen a lot of things as a fan!

Step up to the plate and let’s “Play Ball!”

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