How long have I been here?  Days, weeks?  It feels like months.  No baseball.  No travel.  It feels like fun has been cancelled.

So what do you do when you travel all the time for baseball, but are stuck at home on lockdown?  Besides cry?  You do everything you can to bring the road to you, and that’s where Goldbelly comes in.

Half the fun of traveling is eating.  (All you have to do is page through a few of my posts to see that.)  I first heard about Goldbelly from a friend of mine at Red Sox camp two years ago.  I’d checked the site out and had the app floating on my phone for a while, but just hadn’t gotten around to ordering it.  This is going to sound bad… but if I want a cheesesteak, I’ll just go to Philly.  (And catch a game while I’m there.)  I didn’t think I ‘needed’ Goldbelly.  And then the lockdown hit.

At some point we all get tired of eating the same thing, and nothing brings that home faster than, well, being stuck at home.  Goldbelly gave me a chance to order some food I couldn’t get here, while trying to add a little fun for the family.  Fun?  Let me explain.  Tell your teenagers you’re having pizza tonight.  In most cases, they’ll be excited, to at least ambivalent.  What’s the first question they ask?  “From where?”  Dominos.  “Ugh, Dominos again?  Can’t we have something else.”  How about Pizza Hut?  When the kids saw the box on the counter, NOW they were interested.  “What’s in the box?”  Pizza.  From Chicago.  NOW they’re intrigued.  Sick of pizza?  How about cheesesteaks.  Or Italian beef?  No I didn’t make cookies, but I did order a 7-layer rainbow cake!

What’s the saying?  ‘The world is your oyster’?  Oh yeah, they have those too.

So if you’re like me — Burnt out, tired of being stuck at home, and missing the road, give Goldbelly a try.  Is it cheap?  No.  But think of it as an experience, and once you factor in tip and a few drinks, you’ll realize it’s not as high as you think.

Here are reviews for my ongoing Goldbelly deliveries!


Pat’s King of Steaks: 

Roberta’s Wood Fired Pizza:

John’s Roast Pork

Little Pie Company


Prince Street Pizza

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Sam’s Wood Fired Pizza

Texas Tamale Company

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