Up and Running!

** This was three days into my campaign.  For starting at zero, I felt pretty good about the initial reaction.  By this time, I’d been researching engagement and content from all 30 MLB teams and I’d drawn up a preliminary Powerpoint presentation with ideas and statistics for engaging fans. **

Originally published November 11th, 2011

It’s been a solid 36 hours since this site went live!  I really appreciate the early support, RT’s, and use of the #HireDoug hashtag!  The website has had over 50 visitors in 24hrs.  It’s great to see that the visitors to the website are hitting the other sections too, it means that (if you’re reading this) you didn’t just stop at the front page and move on, and for that I thank you!

By now you’re probably wondering what the campaign is going to look like.  If you follow me on Twitter are you going to be bombarded by 1,000 tweets a day with the #HireDoug hashtag?  NO!  Are you expecting me to tweet 1,000,000 fans, players and celebrities begging for a RT?  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  Grassroots things like this start slow, Social Media is something that needs to be used the right way.  I think we’d all agree there’s enough clutter on there already, so I’ll do my best to not overload it w/that much more.  I’ll do my part, all I ask is that you help me spread the word — A tweet to one of your friends has a lot more power coming from you than it does from me!

What else can you expect from this Blog?  If you look at my feed, you’ll see I talk about a bunch of different stuff.  Expect to see a TON of baseball related tweets, up and down emotional #GoCougs tweets (but never scoreboard updates, I hate those too!), music, movie, kid tweets, and more.  That’s really just the start.  It will be nice to have a Blog again too!

Thank you for the early support!  Keep the #HireDoug movement going!  Let the Mariners know you think they should hire me.  I’m an all around good guy, with a ton of experience, that wants nothing more than to work for the Mariners!  Help me make it happen!

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