So Much For That

** Some things happen for a reason, right?  I would have loved a chance to at least interview with Mariners, but it wasn’t meant to be.  At the end of the day, maybe that was a good thing.  Is working in the sport you love really the best thing?  I don’t know if I could have been “tied down” to just one park every year! **

Originally published December 2nd, 2011

It was nice to get a response from the Mariners today.  I appreciate the fact that they called me personally, even though I didn’t end up getting considered for the job.  Am I disappointed I didn’t get a shot?  Yes.  But I understand that breaking in is hard, that was why I put together the campaign in the first place.  Best of luck to whomever get’s the position.

We were just past the 3 week mark of the #HireDoug campaign on Twitter.  I say “We” very literally, I had a lot of support.  I appreciate the RTs and new follows at my @Millerdna account.  It made a difference.  (And it made me feel good too, so thank you.)  I also appreciate the over 400 visitors to this website!  I hope I’m adding value to the few minutes you take out of your day to check out the site.

I wanted to focus on some highlights and things about the campaign that I was proud of.  I found out after the fact that I wasn’t the first one to campaign online for the job.  Who knew.  At the same time, I think I’ve done a great job of staying engaged.  I realized really quickly that campaigning for the job was fun!  I’ve been using Twitter even more and getting out and blogging again has been really refreshing!  And in case you didn’t notice, I like more than just baseball.

Some highlights:

– I’m proud of the momentum! Over 400 visitors in 3 weeks. (And it’s not baseball season!)  Getting 400 people to check out a website thru word of mouth and targeting keywords was a great start.

– I’ve seen a 40% increase in Twitter followers since I started the #HireDoug campaign.  I’ve never had a ton of followers, but that comes down to not following a whole ton of people either.  I take following people really seriously, if I follow you I read your tweets!

– Nothing cheap!  I promised very early on that this wouldn’t turn into 1,000 tweets and RT requests a day.  Take a look at my feed, there were an average of 3 tweets a day dedicated to #HireDoug.  The rest of my tweets are dedicated to how things are going, what I’m up to, how I’m feeling, and sometimes what I’m eating!  No one wants to be flooded w/campaigns.  (We’ll get enough of that next year!)

– Respect.  When Greg Halman was killed I posted about it, but when I posted the link I didn’t reference #HireDoug.  I didn’t post it for attention, I posted about it because like a lot of fans I felt horrible about it and wanted to contribute a positive experience I had w/Greg.  I did that intentionally, I haven’t tried to tag onto controversial subjects or tragedies to get attention or followers.  There are just some things I don’t tweet about.  Integrity is a big deal for me.

I’m excited for an opportunity, I guess that opportunity will have to come with another club.  I have a ton of ideas for the job.  I came up with a business plan for the job and where I wanted to take it.  I talked about it in my first post a little over 3 weeks ago — I’ve had 15 years of experience working with others, leading teams, and driving results. Baseball is a way of life for me. I only hope that I can use my experience and results driven attitude to find my way into Major League Baseball. I know I can do the job!

I truly appreciated your support!  Keep visiting!

Thank you!

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