Remembering Greg Halman

** I miss Greg Halman.  Not as much as his family, or his teammates, of course, but as a fan I miss him.  He was a great guy and a fun player to watch.  It’s a tragedy that he was killed, and a bigger tragedy that his brother, who struggled with mental illness, had killed him. **

Originally published November 22nd, 2011

“So what do you think?  You and Cortes?”  Greg and I were talking after the Rainiers last home game at (old) Cheney Stadium, Dan Cortes was talking with a younger and better looking fan than me.  Greg played along.

“Oh, I’d take him deep.” 

We both laughed and Dan looked over, I wasn’t sure if he heard us or not. 

Greg Halman had a swagger.  It’s weird to write “had”.  It’s sad to think that a player like Greg, with so much youth and potential, is gone so early, and so horribly.  It’s so sad any time anyone loses their life, especially so young.  I loved Greg’s energy and upbeat attitude.  When we talked about his great season he was surprisingly humble.  He was coming off a breakout season with Tacoma, and all he wanted was to get better.  I asked him if he was mad that he hadn’t been called up yet after the season he’d had and he said “No, when it was time it was time.”  He was called up the next week.

I loved watching Greg.  Most of the time I saw him was in Tacoma.  He was one of the players that I would point out to my daughters when he was up to bat.  Watch him, he likes to hit Home Runs!  You could always count on Greg to hustle in the field and work hard at the plate.  I saw him make some amazing plays and get robbed more than once by the high CF outfield fence in Tacoma.  I never read a quote from Greg that wasn’t positive, even when he was sent back down to AAA.  How could you not root for a player like Greg Halman? 

I am honored to have met Greg.  I think of what I told Greg (and by that time Mike Wilson too) when I figured it was time for me to get out of their hair after the lights turned out at Cheney Stadium that September evening.  “I don’t pick favorite players in AAA because I don’t want to see you next year!  I want to see you up with the Mariners.  Good luck, guys.”  That wasn’t totally true.  I did root for Halman.  He had a flair and flash that I liked.  I just wish that we all had a chance to see it again.

Greg Halman just got traded to the Angels.  Rest in peace, Greg.

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