#MLBSpringBreak In 3…2…1

Originally published March 29th, 2013

It all kicks off tomorrow:  #MLBSpringBreak!  My wife laughed out loud when I suggested the original #MLBSummerBreak concept last winter.  Sure, the original concept was a little ambitious, but it would have been an unbelievable experience for the kids, and an outstanding opportunity to raise prostate cancer awareness while supporting MLB Network programming.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to do a baseball roadtrip with the girls.  Every Summer (and a few Falls,) I’m on the road visiting ballparks across the US.  Last Summer I was in Washington DC and Baltimore, and I finished the year in Arlington, TX for the Rangers one-game playoff against the Orioles.  The girls are always excited to hear about the trips, and the last two summers Megan had asked when she’d be able to go.  The answer to that, is tomorrow.

The girls and I are beyond excited to hit the road, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.  I love my kids.  Seeing them every morning makes my day that much better, but I’ve never had them for so long by myself !  8 days on the road!  We’re driving from Seattle to Corvallis, down through the Redwoods, to Oakland, to Fresno, then Sacramento and San Francisco, before turning it around and driving all the way back to Seattle.  It’s going to be a full week plus, and while I’m a travel pro, this is going to be new for the kids. 

The only goal for this trip is for the girls to have a good time.  Period.  I have a packed week planned (and maybe an extra up my sleeve,) but it’s going to be a big adjustment from my solo wall-to-wall trips.  Will it all work?  Who knows — In reality, there’s probably going to be a lot that will change — But that’s where this week is so exciting.  It’s going to be a week alone with the girls, traveling the open road, and sharing the American Pastime.  I’d bet that even if it’s a disaster, that it will be an absolute success.

Follow our progress on Twitter.  I’m planning on some quick blog updates too, but all of that will come down to timing.  This trip is all about the kids, so I’m going to take it as it comes, and enjoy every minute of it!  Play ball!

Love the concept of MLB Summer Break? Be sure to tweet @MLBNetwork, @MLBFanCave and @MLB directly and let them know!

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