Lightning In A Bottle?

** The ups and downs of being a Coug during any year is the team’s ability to at times lose to opponents they have no business losing to, and then beating teams they “shouldn’t” all in the same year.  That was 2011 for you.  I still believe in a lot of what Paul Wulff did at WSU; his team hadn’t given up, even when so many fans had. **

Originally published November 14th, 2011

Great weekend win for the Cougs.  It was awesome seeing the team come out motivated and playing with guts.  I could hear the groans from Coug fans when ASU ran back the opening kickoff.  I know exactly how you felt, I was groaning with you!  (And swearing, and yelling, and ranting, like a lot of you.)  Saturday’s game could have been a complete cluster, but Coach Wulff stuck with their gameplan and the team executed.  Halliday was certainly the catalyst for the game, but don’t discount the performance from the defense, and Galvin continues to show some great upside.  Was that enough for you as a Coug fan?  Regardless of what happens the last two games, will Saturday’s win be enough to save Paul Wulff’s job at Washington State?

Washington State still controls their own destiny.  Close out the season with straight wins and we can make a bowl game.  I still think that if the Cougs fail to make a bowl game that Wulff will be fired; I think the pressure from Alums and the University President will be too much for Moos to deflect.  That said, I’m starting to wonder if that’s really the right choice to make for one specific reason:  This team is playing for their coach.  Look at UCLA and Neheisel.  UCLA played the early part of the year like they were rooting for him to get fired.  They showed lackluster effort, contronted coaches on the sidelines, and were fighting players on the other teams.  Sure, their record has improved, but the players just don’t look like they’re “buying what Slick Rick is selling”.  Now look at the Cougs.  I haven’t heard a single negative from the team.  Every thing I read from players is upbeat, about competing, executing, and finishing games.  Players talk about playing hard and improving every day.  I don’t excuse the few ugly losses this year, but it’s hard to argue against the team’s improvement.  Is it worth holding out a little longer because the players believe in him and believe in the program?  I’m starting to believe it is.

The season isn’t over.  Our two biggest games of the year are the two in front of us.  Win out, and the Cougs go bowling.  Lose one and we’re out, and Paul Wulff gets fired… Or does he? 

Go Cougs!

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