A Pretty Fun 3 Years!

What can happen over 3 years? A surprising amount of travel, a Super Bowl parade, and a World Series. And that was just the start.

How Do You Choose?

There’s only one rivalry that matters in baseball, and that’s the Red Sox/Yankees.

Is Texas In Trouble?

I didn’t really care who won going in, I just wanted to see a good game, but what I ended up seeing in Texas begged the question: Is Texas in trouble?

Game 163 And The Expanded Wildcard

Congratulations, your team just made the postseason as a Wild Card! Pass out the hats and t-shirts, but wear them quick, because on Saturday your postseason might already be over.

Good Riddance, Super Bowl Week

The heart of it is going to come down to one thing: The time leading up to the Major League Baseball World Series and All Star Games is infinitely more interesting than the week leading to the Super Bowl.